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Welcome to the Inclusive Philanthropy Institute, where we are committed to the study, development, and implementation of inclusive philanthropic strategies that advance systemic change in higher education, university advancement, and nonprofit organizations.

The Institute is led by advancement experts who are at the forefront of this national movement, bringing a wealth of knowledge, research, innovation, and distinction to our work in inclusive philanthropy, equity action, and advancing transformative solutions.

We offer training, facilitation, coaching, and strategic guidance to institutions and organizations that are committed to creating transparency and discipline around diversity, equity, and inclusion in fundraising and philanthropy.

The science behind our strategic guidance is strong. We work with institutions and organizations on awareness, assessment, and evaluation of fundraising strategies and data; and implementing actionable next steps focused on creating systems change with philanthropy as the major driver.

Inclusive Philanthropy is an emerging trend in the advancement field - it challenges and disrupts the status quo. It's a key practice that critically examines economic and philanthropic disparities and histories among racial, ethnic, and immigrant groups. Inclusive Philanthropy is a practice that seeks systems change to support areas of need, with philanthropy as the primary catalyst.

Maia McGillFounder and CEO, Inclusive Philanthropy Institute