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The Institute offers Inclusive Philanthropy (IP) assessments, grant and proposal writing services, micro-credentialing courses and webinars, and consulting services. We also provide coaching and professional development for fundraisers of color, to support their career trajectory and increase critical representation among fundraising teams.

Inclusive Philanthropy Assessments

Philanthropy’s true power is unlocked when a partnership is forged between the philanthropist and the fundraiser, united and vitalized by a common goal. Our goal is to equip your institution or organization to empower new and continuing philanthropists as drivers of change and partners in advancing transformative solutions. Our IP assessments include asset and transformation mapping. These powerful visual tools, coupled with our best practices, will help you implement actionable next steps focused on creating systemic change.

Micro-Credentialing Courses and Webinars

Our courses and webinars are tailored for universities, university foundations, and nonprofit organizations that want to learn more about prioritizing and elevating the perspectives and experiences of marginalized communities. Ideal participants are committed to identifying areas of fundraising inequity that support systemic racism and changing these fundraising structures to bolster equity.


We are dedicated to revolutionizing the landscape of philanthropy through inclusive practices. We offer a range of tailored consulting services designed to help you navigate the complexities of inclusive philanthropy. From customized strategy development to hands-on implementation support, our team is committed to ensuring your philanthropic efforts are effective, sustainable and will drive meaningful change.

Grant and Proposal Writing

Grant writing really is not an accurate term, but it’s one that most people are familiar with. Organizations seeking funding are requesting partnership, are taking a stand on an important issue or policy and have the blueprint to implement change. So, you see, it goes beyond grant writing – we are here to help you capture the depth and breadth of your work. We also realize that many nonprofits and institutions face endless constraints, are wearing multiple hats, all while trying to identify funding resources to save the lives of the people you serve. We’ve got you.

Coaching and Professional Development

Our professional development services include one-on-one coaching and skill-building workshops available to all advancement professionals.

We acknowledge that representation matters. With this in mind, we place special emphasis on encouraging advancement leaders to invest in the professional growth of their fundraisers of color. This will position your institution or organization to advance individual careers while also contributing to a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable philanthropic sector.

Maia McGill is a leader in a plethora of ways. I had the opportunity to witness her executive talent on many occasions over the 5 years we worked together. She is a visionary in her industry and a person who has never displaced herself from a community-centered approach. I have watched her listen to the ideas of colleagues on the front lines and invite their lived experiences to formulate successful strategies. These successful strategies have helped the development and implementation of programs and services that promote diversity within organizations. She has proven herself to be a tireless advocate for those she invites onto her team - by not only entrusting individuals with their assigned roles but also empowering them to engage in innovative fashions. Maia takes the role of a coach in her professional endeavors; working closely with employees, management, and stakeholders to ensure that internal policies and practices reflect a continuous commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion

Pamela LopezBusiness Development and Head Curator, ZDC Consulting LLC

In the 30 years of my professional employment, I have never participated in a DEI training more impactful or more usable. Maia and her team have created a supportive and safe environment for everyone to lean into the important work of DEI, all while being provided actionable steps to make improvements. The skills my team and I garnered have opened my eyes to the structures in fundraising that need to be addressed. I couldn’t recommend Maia more highly

Melissa JohnsonExecutive Director, Bellevue College Foundation

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